Lamination Systems

Powder Lamination

Powder Laminasyon

Powder laminating is one of our core services. The ability to adhere one fabric to another is key to many manufacturing practices.
The lamination process is based on the coating of a layer on a different surface, so it is used in different techniques in many sectors.
Eva Film Lamination

Eva Film Lamination

The actual name of the material known as Eva is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and this material is obtained from the complication of polyethylene material and vinyl acetate material.
Latex Lamination

Latex Laminasyon

It is a technique that consists of using rubber-based latex adhesive in the process of bonding two layers together.


Can add pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to any product we offer. We use acrylic or rubber based adhesives, depending on the application, or both can be applied upon request.
This technique, which is increasingly used today, is the process of fixing products to each other with Polyurethane adhesive. Hotmelt lamination with various properties is used in many areas other than textiles. When we look at the usage areas and features, it is possible to list the prominent details as follows. The hotmelt lamination method used in the...
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